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Lyndon Dasilva is a London Based Multidisciplinary Artist. Some of his credits include: Performed at Breakin Convention, Boomtown festival, Margate Winter Gardens, The place, The Vault festival, Collide festival, Hiphop Palace. He also worked with artists such as: Paco Rabbane, Sixthjune, Kuki. Lj's class aims to tap into our inner rhythm and freedom, looking deeper into ourselves connecting to the body and spirit, allowing you to transport into the vibe of the club and the streets. He likes to use a lot of footwork and travelling through space while being open and flowing with the body. Overall, his class is all about the good vibes and having fun while breaking down the boundaries we may have within our bodies. 

Lj's Classes: Hip Hop and House

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As a graduate from University of East London, Lj was trained in traditional/classical and urban/vernacular dance styles. He has great experience in choreographing projects, teaching a variety of different styles, mentoring/coaching students and facilitating workshops. Along the journey he has also picked up a wide range of skills in different art forms. He is currently pursuing/striving to become a positive role model and household name in the creative industry.